Book Release: Wolf Land Book Two

It’s finally here folks!  Wolf Land Book Two: Storyfalls is now available to buy on Amazon.

Now that I’ve hit the ‘Publish’ button, I should probably get some overdue rest but … I’m already writing Book Three.  Writing this series is a joy, and not for one moment does it feel like work.  I get to create a fantastic world and add some Irish history into the mix.  I get to spend time with my favourite characters and also delve deeper into my passion for wolves.

Storyfalls follows on from where Bluebells left off.  It’s set in Ireland in 1659 and there’s a very short blurb for this one:

In the castle’s keep there is a room …

And in that room there is a box …

And in that box there is … ?

Sorcha Moore feels as though she has finally found her real home amongst the werewolves of Wolf Wood, but enemies may be closer than she thinks. With poisonings and attacks occurring within the wolves’ community, who can Sorcha really trust?

The werewolves must discover the culprit. And if they are ever to defeat the Tolberts, then they must do it fast.

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