Wolf Land: The Facts Behind the Fantasy

Wolf Land is a paranormal series, opening in Ireland in the 1650s.  On this site I’ll occasionally write about some of the facts that inspired the fantasy.  To help you find those articles more easily, I’ve listed them here, all in one place, so that you don’t have to go searching too hard.  Enjoy.

Wolf Land: more than just a book title (Click me to read more of this blog!).  This was my very first post on this site.  My fascination with wolves led to my discovery of this very interesting period in Irish history – and that, in turn, led to the Wolf Land Series.

Wolf Land: Little Burial Grounds (Click me to read more of this blog!).  This post is about cillíní – unconsecrated burial grounds.

Run Rebel Run (Click me to read more of this blog!). In this post I discuss Irish rebels (specifically tories) and the origin of the word tory.  I also give a brief outline of the Eleven Years’ War.

Wolf Land: Tea Time (Click me to read this blog!). In Wolf Land Book Two some of my characters taste tea for the first time, so I wrote this short blog about the history of tea drinking in England.

The Werewolf Trials (Click me to read more of this blog!) There are references to a couple of historical werewolf trials in Wolf Land Book Two.  Here, I go into a little futher detail about those events.

Flying High (Click me to read more of this blog!) Can witches really fly? I take a look back through history, to see where the idea of the broom-riding witch originated.

Irish Werewolves: Share the Lore (Click me to read more of this blog!) Here I share links to other werewolf-related articles, so that those if you interested in discovering more about Irish werewolf lore will have a starting point.